• Mindful
    Teaching busy adults to respond to
    stress in a more effective manner
  • Designed for
    the Workplace
    Implemented and scientifically validated
    across high-stress populations
  • Stress
    Learn practical strategies for reducing
    the effects of chronic stress

A little insight, about our research

  • Mindful Management began offering mindfulness-based interventions “on-the-job” as result of Dr. Klatt’s mindfulness research at The Ohio State University. Over the past 8 years, Dr. Klatt has implemented mindfulness-based interventions across various high stress populations. Successful completion of the 8 week program has led to significant decreases in perceived stress, inflammation in overweight individuals (measured via CRP levels in the blood), salivary alpha-amylase (a biomarker of sympathetic nervous system activation), associated changes in neural reactivity in older adults, and increased sleep quality & work engagement. The positive implications of these results indicated an opportunity to take the program beyond the confines of academia to benefit the public at large.